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Someone emptied 2 of my traps but I still got 40 signal Crayfish in the other 3.Published with Blogger-droid v1.5.9

Trugs from an old tyre

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Trugs from an old tyre, originally uploaded by thesnodgrass. I made these trugs from an old tyre I found dumped by the road. Good for carrying tools around and Wendy has used one already when harvesting some of the rhubarb.I followed the steps I read here http://www.instructables.com/id/Tired-and-True-Trugs/Click the image above to see more pics of the project.

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That is Barney stood on a Roman wall and Sam sat on a stone with a hole in it.

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It was a great 'find' and we all were terribly excited. Monty went history mad, found a 12 inch deep black mud puddle and covered himself in wode like an ancient Briton.

Roman villa discovery

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Bill Bryson, in 'Notes From A Small Island', wrote about exploring the remains of a Roman villa in the woods near Winchcombe, so on Mothers Day we went for a ramble in the woods and did a bit of archaeology ourselves.In this pic Wendy is pulling back the plastic sheet to reveal a mosaic floor. Luckily I was there to prevent her nicking some tiles for her collection.

Could open source replace Google adwords/adsense?

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I love Google. The search tool is terrific, and I have yet to see a better one, and I also use Gmail, Google docs, Google Analytics and plenty of other groovy Google stuff. Oh and this blog is published with Blogger so thanks again Google.The problem I have is with Google Adwords and Adsense, as I am both a buyer of advertising, and a publisher of their adsense ads. Both are key to Google's wealth and both suck. So what I would like to know would be better than Google?How I use Google advertising.Google Adwords allows me to bid on keywords, and if my bid is [...]

2 new sites added to the UsedUk fold

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I have added 2 more towns to the UsedUK familywww.UsedCheltenham.co.uk and www.UsedGloucester.co.ukAnyone out there in Gloucestershire with ideas for promoting the sites locally, please get in touch.

Ingenious recycling bin

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An engineering student friend of mine, Robin Marks, made this recycling when doing a school project. It is now in his parents kitchen, and doubles as a work surface.What you do is revolve the dark green circular cover until the smaller circle is above one of the 4 internal recycle bins, then drop the recycling in. So it is tidy, sorted by type and looks good too.It is really well made, with the the darker green circular piece of MDF rotating on ball bearings which lie in a groove routered into the top of the cube. Awesome.www.UsedUK.comdel.icio.usdiggnewsvinenowpublicredditfarkstumbleFacebookrecycling bin, originally uploaded by thesnodgrass.

Wolves game 9th Feb 2008 – Balloons

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Wolves game 9th Feb 2008 - Balloons, originally uploaded by thesnodgrass. Nick and his family, with Wendy and Sam helped to hand out 7500 balloons before the Wolves game on Feb 9th. We were a bit nervous about the reception we might get, but it all turned out to be a lot of fun.

Angels in Dudley

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Here I am handing out flyers in Dudley town centre in the rain. My halo has drooped a bit.A man from the council market which you can see in the background moved us on as he said he had had a complaint !Wendy and I gave away 40 helium filled balloons to little kids too.

lamb tangled

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lamb tangled 001, originally uploaded by thesnodgrass. This lamb had been tangled up in this bramble for quite a while and someone knocked on our door to let us know as they were thinking we owned it. (we are renting a house from the farmer)The farmer was away at a sale in Wales, when I called his mobile to ask what to do.Wendy, the boys and I set off across the fields with some secateurs to rescue it. As we got within a couple of feet it bolted into worse brambles than the ones already snagging it but the original ones snapped.It ran off but still [...]


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Snowshill 005, originally uploaded by thesnodgrass. Snowshill in the evening sun, having cycled there via Buckland with Dave Malley. Boy oh boy I was knackered getting there.He says my bike is too small for me but he is just jealous because I only paid 84 quid for it on eBay and he paid 500 for his. I had it checked by Richard Brooks - at one time the 3rd best amateur cyclist in Britain - and he said it was bordeline but OK for size.(That is the same Richard Brooks that was once a Michelin restaurant inspector who tasted my date & walnut loaf and awarded [...]

Village Fete

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So we are back in the UK and living in Willersey in Gloucestershire. We moved into a great little house and just in time to take part in the village fete and craft show activities.My date and walnut cake didn't win a prize in the men only baking section, (there were 22 entries)Our scarecrow did place third in the family section though. Water squirted out of its head every few seconds....and finally there was a range of classic cars on display, and this one was once owned by my Grandad who sold it to the local Garage about 20 years ago.