I’ve moved this blog

I have moved from blogger to self hosted WordPress as things kept going wrong with blogger. The latest problem was the images disappeared, caused by me deleting some images on my phone to make some room, and this automatically deleted them from the google cloud too. A bit frustrating about the images, but the migration… Continue reading I’ve moved this blog

My old boss invented the Hyperloop before Elon musk had thought of it

I worked near Cheltenham for Andy Marks and his wife Brenda at Skyscan aerial photography 20 years ago. We have kept in touch, and he recently told me about an upcoming fascinating announcement by Elon Musk, the founder of so many interesting venture including PayPal, SpaceX and Tesla cars. Elon’s next project is to forward… Continue reading My old boss invented the Hyperloop before Elon musk had thought of it

Hot turnip juice

Tastes like tabasco seawater with upper notes of radish. High in anti oxidants hopefully. Gonna make me live forever. It is called hot turnip juice but actually served chilled.

Sam in with the Lions

For his Christmas present Sam got to play with some Lion cubs for 30 minutes at the zoo. see the pics here One day he hopes to be a vet.




Untitled, originally uploaded by thesnodgrass.


dresden, originally uploaded by thesnodgrass.

uh oh

uh oh, originally uploaded by thesnodgrass.

Oven cementing begins

Oven begins, originally uploaded by thesnodgrass. The first of the bricks cemented into place using Ciment Fondue refractory mortar which can withstand high temperatures.

Concrete pad

Concrete pad, originally uploaded by thesnodgrass. Finished the concrete pad and Sam smoothed it with a float. We mixed the concrete in a wheel barrow with a 5:1 ratio

start of the pizza oven project

start of the pizza oven project, originally uploaded by thesnodgrass. Barney and Sam were a massive help as I ran out of steam half way through mixing the concrete. Here is Barney checking the shuttering is level.

Pizza Oven

This is the inside of a pizza oven that I saw at a pub. I’m going to build one soon like this.

3 chicks

Mother seems to be looking after them fine.

2 chicks hatched so far

2 chicks hatched so far, originally uploaded by thesnodgrass. Sam has named them Dufrais and Augustina We’ll see. :o)

Why I love my HTC One X

I’ve been awaiting the release of the HTC One X ever since it was first announced, and for a while I was trying to come up with as many reasons as I could to justify buying it. Well, the other day, I finally took the plunge and splashed out on the device. I bought the… Continue reading Why I love my HTC One X


Watch Monty in an ad for Pedigree http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XkgB8JPl1qg&feature=youtube_gdata_player

Lemur feeding

Lemur feeding, originally uploaded by thesnodgrass. Lemur feeding

Poultry tent

Sam bought 3 more bantams for his flock. Published with Blogger-droid v1.7.4

Gene Kelly and his prizes

First prize plus loads of other rosettes at Moreton Show for the Kelly’s, our old landlords. Published with Blogger-droid v1.7.4

Oh No What Have I Done?

We are in a new town 4 miles from the coast, not much to see, stopped at a restaurant for a quick lunch and ended up buying the 2nd most expensive meal of my life !!! I thought the kids steaks were going to be like burgers, at 4.50 euros each. Turned out that I… Continue reading Oh No What Have I Done?

Where do all the lost biros go?

I don’t know where lost pens and odd socks disappear to, but whenever the mountain of them is found there will also be found a pile of marble nobs, as it seems all the statues in Rome are missing there’s.

What does this say?

It was on the road outside an apartment. Anyone care to translate as it must be important? Published with Blogger-droid v1.7.4


This room has air con so we can relax away from the sun. Barnaby is now on his third Chris Ryan book, which makes me proud. Published with Blogger-droid v1.7.4

More Nuns

Secret nun cam bags one as she passes. Published with Blogger-droid v1.7.4

Feckin’ Nuns

They’re EVERYWHERE ! What’s going on ? Published with Blogger-droid v1.7.4


Bloomin’ hot today so went on an open top bus tour that had a roof (so and open sided bus tour really) and then spent the afternoon underground in the catacombs looking at 2000 year old graves. I couldn’t care less what we were looking at ‘cos the temperature under ground was 16c and I… Continue reading Catacombs

Pizza pie

5 minutes after finishing this meal the restaurant suffered a power cut and we sat in total blackout for ages. Wendy refused to sneak off without paying the bill, of course. Published with Blogger-droid v1.7.4

Espresso set-up

Enjoying plenty of coffees, at home and when out and about. This is how the apartment is equiped, with stove-top espresso pot, enough for 3 demi-tasse. Published with Blogger-droid v1.7.4

Park near where we are staying.

You can see St Peters beyond the park, which looks close enough to walk to. Trouble is the park enjoys the worlds largest collection of broken glass, rubble and humping hobos. Published with Blogger-droid v1.7.4

Rome ‘ere we come.

Highlight so far was watching Derek return his wallet to his ‘secret’ pocket after passing through the Gatwick security. It is pinned into his trousers and he looked dodgy rummaging around in there for ages. Should be pickpocket proof though. Published with Blogger-droid v1.7.4

Lucky the lavender chick

Lucky the lavender chick, originally uploaded by thesnodgrass. One of Sam’s fertilised eggs he bought at the farm park hatched. See him/her peeking from under his adopted mum.

Monty in a movie (ad)

This is the Little Thor viral video ad Monty was in. Sonia, his trainer, took him to London for the day and got him the part.

Happy HONCers

IMG_0031.jpg, originally uploaded by thesnodgrass. At the halfway (26Km) point and Andy Grelak and mysel can still smile. http://www.honc.org.uk/


Someone emptied 2 of my traps but I still got 40 signal Crayfish in the other 3. Published with Blogger-droid v1.5.9

Big Boys off to school

IMAG0163.jpg, originally uploaded by thesnodgrass. We have 2 big boys in the Riley household now. This is the first day they go off together.

Bluebells, Walk in the Woods and a picnic

IMAG0031.jpg, originally uploaded by thesnodgrass. Great day on Saturday. We walked from Snowshill to Blockley past this bluebell wood. Had a picnic near the bowls club in Blockley, and all was well with the world.

Willersey Stream Team

Willersey Stream Team, originally uploaded by thesnodgrass. We made it into the papers when digging the ditches in Willersey to prevent flooding.see Cotswold Journal WillerseyThe photographer caught my best side and Barney’s backside.

Xmas 2009

Xmas 2009 013, originally uploaded by thesnodgrass. I am just relaxing on the sofa and would like to wish all my readers a very Happy Christmas Love fromMonty

bullnose backcover

bullnose, originally uploaded by thesnodgrass. See Grandad and the kids on the backcover of the Bullnose Morris magazine.

Sams bantams

Sams bantams, originally uploaded by thesnodgrass. We got 2 Wyandotte and 2 light Sussex bantams, and I went to buy some layers pellets and got a sample bag for free which should last for a week or 2.

Sams new chicken coop

Chicken Coop2, originally uploaded by thesnodgrass. The deluxe penthouse chicken coop for Sams new pets. They might arrive on Saturday if we buy some at Moreton agricultural show, if we see some nice ones. It has room for 8-10 birds but we are looking to start with 4.

wendy n mark

wendy n mark, originally uploaded by thesnodgrass. At the Russells staff party. We are technically not staff, but do some odd jobs. Had a lovely time.

Trugs from an old tyre

Trugs from an old tyre, originally uploaded by thesnodgrass. I made these trugs from an old tyre I found dumped by the road. Good for carrying tools around and Wendy has used one already when harvesting some of the rhubarb.I followed the steps I read here http://www.instructables.com/id/Tired-and-True-Trugs/ Click the image above to see more pics… Continue reading Trugs from an old tyre


That is Barney stood on a Roman wall and Sam sat on a stone with a hole in it.


It was a great ‘find’ and we all were terribly excited. Monty went history mad, found a 12 inch deep black mud puddle and covered himself in wode like an ancient Briton.

Roman villa discovery

Bill Bryson, in ‘Notes From A Small Island’, wrote about exploring the remains of a Roman villa in the woods near Winchcombe, so on Mothers Day we went for a ramble in the woods and did a bit of archaeology ourselves. In this pic Wendy is pulling back the plastic sheet to reveal a mosaic… Continue reading Roman villa discovery