Why I love my HTC One X

I’ve been awaiting the release of the HTC One X ever since it was first announced, and for a while I was trying to come up with as many reasons as I could to justify buying it. Well, the other day, I finally took the plunge and splashed out on the device. I bought the One X in white, and it really does look great. I’ve been meaning to write a full review on it since I first got hands on it, well – here it is…

The first thing that I really like about the One X is one of the phones defining features; its size. Whilst it’s not as big as the Galaxy Note from Samsung, it’s still comfortably the biggest smart phone that I’ve owned. This is making on-screen interaction extremely easy for me, I much prefer operating at a more comfortable, larger size compared to the smaller screens of yesteryear. The screen is so large that whilst looking for a case, I didn’t know whether to buy a case for the iPad 3 . I remember when large phones were the least cool thing imaginable – but now they seem to be the biggest craze, with demand for smaller phones dying down. 
However, this larger screen does seem to be coming at a little bit of a cost. I’m currently getting just under a day of battery life per charge, meaning I have to charge it every single night. Although, I guess I’m using it more now whilst its brand new than I will be once I’m used to owning it, so I think that will improve
One thing I especially like compared to my last phone – the HTC Desire – is the fact that I can now have unlimited applications installed (within memory restrictions, of course). I used to hate the fact that on my Desire I constantly had to delete apps in order to get new ones!
I also like the fact that the phone has Beats Audio integrated, making all the songs that I have on there sound even more enjoyable than normal. I didn’t know Elbow could sound any better.
The performance of the phone can not be doubted, with its quad-core processor giving me speed that I didn’t know was possible in a phone, and I can honestly say that I would recommend the phone to anyone – the beauty of its slim, light and white body is just an added bonus.