Oh No What Have I Done?

We are in a new town 4 miles from the coast, not much to see, stopped at a restaurant for a quick lunch and ended up buying the 2nd most expensive meal of my life !!!

I thought the kids steaks were going to be like burgers, at 4.50 euros each. Turned out that I had mis-read the menu and they were 45 euros. Total bill was 185 euros !!! which is nearly what we are paying for 2 rooms in tonight’s hotel which is a 4 star !
I had to go on a long walk on my own afterwards to calm down.

One more espresso

I’m loving having a coffee instead of a beer, when in a bar which is odd for me! Half a teaspoon of sugar, quick stir, 2 sips later and its gone. Watching the barista’s is good entertainment too, but it is so much easier using a coffee pod.

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Palatine Hill

Collisium is good but Palatine Hill is more interesting and the ruins are much bigger than I expected. We had to dash from shaded area to shaded area to stay alive, as it is 34 c.

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Derek’s Birth Certificate

Just as well Derek brought his birth certificate as it for him a 12 euro discount at the Colliseum ! They were asking for ID to prove he was a pensioner and be was the first to have a birth certificate on him. He has carried that around for 60 years and this was the first time it came in handy.

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