Survivorman (behind the house)

Barney, Sam and I built a shelter out of a tarp behind the house, about 50yards into the forest. We had a fire and cooked wieners and Merle and Tom, from next door came over, and we drank wine and beer and told ghost stories. After dark the kids got cold feet and went inside the house leaving me on my own. I Iasted til 7am when it started to rain, and anyway I needed to get some rest as I’d had very little good sleep in the night. I kept waking up and listening for bears, cougars and raccoons who might take the opportunity to kill me while I slept. I was warm enough but I was bitten about 12 times on the face by mosquitos.

gold kalashnikov

2 pictures of me. The first a lamp designed by Philipe Starck, gold kalashnikov, originally uploaded by thesnodgrass.
This is a gold plated kalashnikov machine gun looking table lamp. $1600 and we actually sold one on the website !!

Jeez there are some stoopid folks out there.

This is a picture of me taken in the early 90’s in Darra Pakistan NW Territories with a real Kalashnikov I paid for 30 rounds.