Propositioned by a fag hag

In Sacremento we were propositioned by a Fag Hag who assumed Richard and I were both gay and she wanted to go to a gay night club in Palm Springs with us that night.
Sacremento is a gold rush town, very interesting, with a paddle steamer that brought the prospectors inland from San Francisco.

Lucky 33 Black at the Native Casino

So we were travelling along the highway in the dark looking for a motel to stay and zoomed past an Indian casino with a full carpark – 4 tiered multistory in the middle of nowhere and FULL of cars.
So we did a u-turn and booked in, and it was brilliant. Very nice new room, excellent seafood bar and then we played blackjack and roulette til midnight and came away with $49 each profit !
Black 33 was lucky for me once again.

We did 740 miles today in pouring rain half of the time and it took 14 hours. We did have time on the way to visit an outlet Mall in Oregon, where I bought loads of clothes, and have a late lunch in Oakfield which was a town that seemed to consist of nothing but antique and junk shops – even the restaurant was part antique shop. I was thinking that Shopping with Richard was like going with a personal shopper, he was so quick. Turns out he worked in Harvey Nicks in London for a year and was a personal shopper for the nobility, Lady Diana etc.
So we made it to Sacremento at 10pm and according to the rules we made up we had to stay at the next motel we came across no matter how crummy it was. And it was a bit crummy, thank you super8, downtown. On the plus side though we would never have gone to that Mexican nightclub for some beers if we hadn’t been in that area.