Quite an evening so far

On the way home I saw a black bear near our house. It was really small and cute and was gambolling along the middle of the road so I followed it until it nipped into the forest. I’m not sure if I should be reporting this to someone? 2 days ago a black bear sighting at Esquimalt lagoon was reported on the radio with a ‘run for your lives’ type headline. Here the headline would be – black bear sighted next to 1000 acre Provincial Park – Yawn.
Which reminds me of the most boring headline ever, competition run by some sub-editors at the Times. The winner was ‘Small Earthquake in Chile – Not Many Dead’

Then when I got home Sam asked me to look at the fridge door to see something interesting. What should have been there was his 11th place cross country winners ribbon he got this afternoon, which is fantastic, cos last week he came 27th out of 100 or so. The ribbon was missing, later to be found being chewed up by Monty who was hiding under our bed.