Llama trekking in East Sooke – Great day

What a fantastic day we had with Sandy and Bruce and their Llamas in East Sooke Park. We trekked from their log cabin, each of us leading a llama, through the forest, up and over rocks and logs, to the coast. We lunched at the trap shack, which is a cabin on the coast trail open to anyone in case of emergency, and then we went down to the beach where Cinders went for a dip. Having their feet in cold water makes them pee and poo at the same time :o)

The llamas carried all the picnic and spare clothes and it was incredibly relaxing as the pace is actually slower than if you were trekking carrying your own pack. They stop for a chew of the leaves every so far, and then when one does a poo they all have to stop and do one on the same pile !

At one point there were 30 to 40 turkey vultures circling overhead as they prepare to migrate to Mexico.

We were out for 6 hours and the boys didnt complain once, and the company was terrific. It was the best day out for ages.