The temperature has been in the thirties recently but the snow on the mountains is still there. How is this possible? how? come on someone, tell me.

Barney & Sam

Barney & Sam & Snow in July
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We went camping with Amber & Ryan at Miracle Beach and lost the camera somewhere in our enormous tent, so didn’t take enough pictures.
This is one of the few which was taken after spending the morning on the Beach. I have said it before but I’ve got to say it again that it blows me away how hot it can be here but then you look up and all around there are mountains covered in snow. It is now July and it has been hot for 2-3 weeks but the snow remains. This view is looking East towards the mainland somewhere in the vague direction of Whistler. If you click on the picture you can get a bigger version from the Flickr website and see the snow.