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It’s snowing hard

Saturday evening and it is snowing hard here. It doesnt snow that often this far South except on the mountains. :o)

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Propositioned by a fag hag

In Sacremento we were propositioned by a Fag Hag who assumed Richard and I were both gay and she wanted to go to a gay night club in Palm Springs with us that night.Sacremento is a gold rush town, very interesting, with a paddle steamer that brought the prospectors inland from San Francisco.

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Lucky 33 Black at the Native Casino

So we were travelling along the highway in the dark looking for a motel to stay and zoomed past an Indian casino with a full carpark - 4 tiered multistory in the middle of nowhere and FULL of cars.So we did a u-turn and booked in, and it was brilliant. Very nice new room, excellent seafood bar and then we played blackjack and roulette til midnight and came away with $49 each profit !Black 33 was lucky for me once again.

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We did 740 miles today in pouring rain half of the time and it took 14 hours. We did have time on the way to visit an outlet Mall in Oregon, where I bought loads of clothes, and have a late lunch in Oakfield which was a town that seemed to consist of nothing but antique and junk shops - even the restaurant was part antique shop. I was thinking that Shopping with Richard was like going with a personal shopper, he was so quick. Turns out he worked in Harvey Nicks in London for a year and was a personal shopper for the nobility, Lady [...]

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Road Trip

I set off Thursday on a road trip to Palm Springs, with Richard from work. He has a house there and we are delivering a U-Haul van load of patio furniture.The weather forecast was supposed to be stormy but the crossing to Port Angeles on the MV Coho was not too bad at all. All was going well until on the US side of the ferry trip we were given the third degree interrogation by the Homeland Security bods. All the other vehicles had departed and they were still questioning Richard about how it was possible to own a house in the US but not intend [...]

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Something that made me smile

As I got home from work today I caught Wendy at the tail end of telling Sam off as she said "..... and put that lizard away as well !"I bet she never thought those words would ever pass her lips.

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Quite an evening so far

On the way home I saw a black bear near our house. It was really small and cute and was gambolling along the middle of the road so I followed it until it nipped into the forest. I'm not sure if I should be reporting this to someone? 2 days ago a black bear sighting at Esquimalt lagoon was reported on the radio with a 'run for your lives' type headline. Here the headline would be - black bear sighted next to 1000 acre Provincial Park - Yawn.Which reminds me of the most boring headline ever, competition run by some sub-editors at the Times. The winner [...]

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Llama trekking in East Sooke – Great day

What a fantastic day we had with Sandy and Bruce and their Llamas in East Sooke Park. We trekked from their log cabin, each of us leading a llama, through the forest, up and over rocks and logs, to the coast. We lunched at the trap shack, which is a cabin on the coast trail open to anyone in case of emergency, and then we went down to the beach where Cinders went for a dip. Having their feet in cold water makes them pee and poo at the same time :o)The llamas carried all the picnic and spare clothes and it was incredibly relaxing as [...]

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East Sooke Soap Box Derby

IMGP2557Originally uploaded by thesnodgrass. Sam was great in the soap box derby - he didnt win the trophy ( which was as tall as he is) but he did win some races.Thanks to the East Sooke fire brigade for organizing it.This a movie of Sam driving the cart but watch the other kid he was racing against, it was like some action from The Keystone Cops.

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Merles woodshed

IMGP2556 Originally uploaded by thesnodgrass.Merle is making a woodshed out of old pallets saved from a shopping centre building site - it took him all day to collect the good timber.The roof is covered from red cedar shingles which he splits from round tree sections he pinches, er I mean, finds in the forest. (up by Jordan River if the RCMP are reading this)He got me to split a load for him with a sharp blade you whack with a small sledge hammer. He was like Tom Sawyer in that fence painting escapade when he told me it was a bit tricky and a bit intricate [...]

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The flippin’ deck is finished at last

The Riley family visit of August 2006 was the deadline for finishing the deck and steps to the top of the rock which should give us a glimpse of the sea - a glimpse you understand, not a view and it is of Sooke Basin not really the sea. But still it was worth it, and with their help, and Trevor's advice the deadline was achieved. Here is a video compilation of the family and the deck and steps in action.

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Sasquatch House

IMGP2528, originally uploaded by thesnodgrass. We found a great Sasquatch house on the beach at Whiffen Spit - they are made by Bigfoot type creatures, probably at night. There was no sign of the owner on this occasion.We saw a Cougar the other night returning from a Shamrock's Lacrosse game, but we have yet to see a Sasquatch.

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The temperature has been in the thirties recently but the snow on the mountains is still there. How is this possible? how? come on someone, tell me.

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Barney & Sam

Barney & Sam & Snow in JulyOriginally uploaded by thesnodgrass. We went camping with Amber & Ryan at Miracle Beach and lost the camera somewhere in our enormous tent, so didn't take enough pictures.This is one of the few which was taken after spending the morning on the Beach. I have said it before but I've got to say it again that it blows me away how hot it can be here but then you look up and all around there are mountains covered in snow. It is now July and it has been hot for 2-3 weeks but the snow remains. This view is looking [...]

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There was an earthquake today. I was sat at my desk and felt it quite distinctly.More on the news story

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