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Wrinklies visit

PICT0033b Originally uploaded by thesnodgrass. My Mum and Dad have been visiting for the past 2 weeks which has coincided nicely with a 2 week teachers strike. The kids went back to school on monday and the wrinklies departed by float plane yesterday.We have been all over the island with them, and as far North as Campbell River.

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On Sunday we set off to walk Monty and came across an enormous black bear at the end of our road.This isnt the actual bear and I didnt take this picture but this is what our bear looked like. Luckily it was running away from us down the middle of the road past the place where the kids wait for the school bus.At least we now know that the kids can run faster than me, and that I can run faster than Wendy, so she is the one who would have copped it had it been coming the other way.

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Chicken Shed

IMGP2051 Originally uploaded by thesnodgrass. There is a perch, a box to lay eggs in and a ramp which can be retracted by a rope mechanism to keep them safe. The danger around here is raccoons which will kill a chicken. Ours we intend to be free range and we will need to round them up and secure them in this shed each night.

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