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3rd Prize for my pickled onions

3rd Prize for my pickled onions Originally uploaded by thesnodgrass. In the Sooke Fall Fair I won third prize, $1, for these hot and spicy pickled onions. (Before you ask, yes there were more than three entries - six actually).The vinegar was cloudy because I added horseradish to pep them up but I wouldn't bother next time, as the chilli and pepper was enough.

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OrcasToday we were playing on the deserted beach, swinging the kids on a tyre tied on a long rope to the top of a tree, when Derek said he would love to see a killer whale before he went home. About 10 minutes later a pod of 6 orca swam into the inlet and were followed by 3 boat loads of whale watchers in hot pursuit. They were about 30 m away from us, surfacing and blowing and looked to be going into a dead end at the end of the fjord-type stretch of water. The watchers backed off and the whales headed out to open [...]

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Mixing with the Oi PoloiLast night we were bussed from the fire hall near where we live, to an old resort about 6km further around the edge of the basin. It is called the Grouse Nest and is a little rundown, but in its heyday in the 1950's it was the place for swingers and socialites to hang out. The current owners are architects and they invited the neighbourhood to come and see what plans they have for the property, as some people think it is controversial and are against any development in this rural area.200 people or so turned up, and we were just about [...]

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