Goldpanning in Leechtown

IMGP1913Craig and I hiked for 18Km into the hills looking for Gold. we explored an abandoned gold rush town called Leechtown, where the hut foundations and machinery lie rotting in the forest. Of course we found loads of gold but you know how heavy it is? so could not carry it out.

Barney as a body double

IMGP1903Barney was supposed to be a body double for the character of Zeph and therefore had to have his hair cut and highlights put in to match the actor’s. In this picture he has the actors top on but could not get the trousers to fit so the 3rd assistant director decided he need not go to the set. He was due to be buried in a grave by Jason Statham today as well – Doh!
Oh well he still gets paid for a day, and his mullett has been eradicated.

Clifftop village

Clifftop villageWhat a great place for a filmset !
It was really hot and the kids only worked for 8 hours and had to leave the set cos that is the legal limit. They also miss the battle scenes where the Krugs attack as they are not allowed on set when there is dangerous sword wielding monsters careering about.

Extras on Dungeon Siege

IMGP1886Wendy, Barney and Sam trying on their costumes for the filming tomorrow. This fitting took place in the centre of Sooke near the offices of the Sooke Mirror News, so I went in to see the editor to ask if he wanted a story about the filming from an extras point of view? He thought it was a great idea, but not if written by me – he wants Wendy or the kids to do it, so once again I am not required to take part in my own flippin’ scheme !
Wendy is even more embarrassed now as she didnt want to be in the film anyway, and now she has a newspaper article to write. hehe.

So we went for haircuts yesterday, as the film company have not been in touch for 3 weeks so it is probably safe that they dont want us. Sam wanted a buzz cut with spikey bits and Barney wanted nothing to do with it and was forced into the shop.

Sam ended up with a skinhead number 1 and Barney had a mullet of such ineptitude it made Wendy cry. He looks like Paul Calf without the moustache.

Then today to add insult to the injury the film company rang to ask us to come for a costume fitting on Monday and I had to break the news to the casting director that the boys had had a haircut. When I say they want us to come for a costume I actually mean they want the boys and Wendy, not me :o( I expect they have enough hunks already.

Anyway she said Sam could wear a hat and Barney would be fine probably. I will go as their chaperone and Wendy gets a bedroom orgy scene with Burt Reynolds.

It was my idea, my enthusiasm that got us to audition, and I dont get to be in it. It is soooooo unfair.