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Dungeon SiegeThey are making a movie based on the computer game Dungeon Siege in East Sooke, on an Indian reserve, about 4 miles from us. We have auditioned to be in it as they were looking for tall hairy people (Wendy) and muscular fit people (me).They particularly liked Barney's hair and asked him not to cut it. We dont know if we will be in the film as thousands have applied and there are about 100 extras required, but it was interesting to have a go. Ray Liotta (Goodfellows) and Burt Reynolds (Toupee! Me?) are in it.There is already an actor in Hollywood called Mark Riley [...]

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It has been hot for the last few days, Summer has really arrived at last. It amuses to see though, from downtown Victoria it is possible to see snowcapped mountains, not too far away. They are the Olympic Range in Washington state USA.

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