fresh homemade bread

IMGP1686I made 4 loaves of bread for the first time from scratch and it wasnt too bad at all. I gave the prettiest loaf to the neighbours to say thanks for the moose mince and they gave me a big moose roast right back :o)
Nice people here.

Tonight we ate moose burgers, which Wendy made from some mince the next door neighbours gave us. It was damn fine and a lot like beef but a bit drier in texture, so a big success.

The neighbours, Merl and Juanita, are in their seventies and have almost completed building their own house on the acre lot next to ours. Merl has built a workshop the size of an average UK bungalow in the grounds, he has every power tool going, a tv, video, computer and 3 piece bathroom in it !
The walls are adorned with moose antlers and pin ups :o) He also has 2 intriguing vehicles – a quad bike with a roof so that it resembles a small and chunky golf cart, which he uses for moose hunting, and a 1969 Beaumont gas guzzler which they bought new and have cherished since.

We dont have cable or a telephone installed yet and the guy that came to do it thinks it might be a big job as they have to dig the road up – bugger!

We have moved in but dont have a telephone yet. When we do the number will be (250) 483-9255 when it is switched on – I am going to try voip and if it is crap I’ll swallow my pride and get telus.
The address is
1610 Covey Run
V0S 1N0

The motorhome malarkey has been an adventure but it was wearing a bit thin towards the middle of the 3rd month. We have certainly fallen on our feet with this house, it is flippin’ lovely. we have not bought a brand new one before and this is great as we have started again without all the baggage of clutter & possessions. On the other hand I am now sat in a wooden garden chair in the lounge, and it is the only thing in here, which is minimalist taken to extremes.

The house is on an acre of land which is treed, and with a gigantic boulder bulging out of the mountain behind the place. The rock has a flat top and when we sit on it we look over the roof of the house down the slope onto trees more trees and the sea beyond. We can only glimpse the sea to be honest but it is good to know it is there. We paid £160K for this house and if it were in the UK it would be £400K easy, £750K if it was near London.

Sooke has a lot of B&Bs because, unlike most small towns in Canada, it has no hotels. There are no hotels because all the properties have to have septic field waste, so hotels would need areas the size of football fields to get rid of the water. Having said that, there is a sewage works being built in the town and it will be finished next year, then everyone within the town boundary is going to have to connect to it whether they want to or not. This will mean hotels and condominiums can now be built, and the B&Bs wont be in demand as much. Our house is a long way outside of the town so wont be affected, so we have a septic tank.

We are approximately 3 km from the town as the crow flies or the canoeist paddles but by road it is 19 Km ! The route winds around the edge of an inlet of the sea which forms a huge safe harbour. The entrance from the sea side of it is only 100 yds across but the basin is 7 KM long and 5 wide.