SaraMy cousin Sara. She and Craig came around to the motorhome, parked in west Bay Victoria for a curry night.

She looks goofy in that hat but she insists on wearing all the time everywhere she goes. what a loony ! ;o)

Some thoughts I’d forgotten to mention along the way.

We were travelling along the road to Gold River when Barney mentioned that the toilet was smelling. An instant later the whole RV stank, as if the toilet had exploded and made the air inside the vehicle almost unbreathable.
As I looked for somewhere to pull over and bale out, Wendy went to investigate and reported back, between gagging and gasping for air that it was not the bog smelling.
We concluded it must have been a skunk by the roadside, but by the terrible smell it made it may as well have been under the bed.

Did I ever mention the Chevy engine on this motorhome is 7 litres of V8 Detroit muscle?
I have only ever overtaken one vehicle in 9 weeks though. It makes a wonderfull throaty noise, aided by the holes in the exhaust muffler, which the seller said were usefull for drainage, should the moisture build up in it.
Today we had to crawl up a winding narrow road in first gear for ages – I was thankful we got to the top, so I gave a prayer to Pope Benedict to say thanks.
We are getting approx 10 miles to the gallon but it is difficult for me to estimate as I have never actually filled the tank to capacity yet. In the first few weeks it was too cold outside to wait for it to fill as it takes so long, now the weather has improved I get bored whilst pumping gas long before it is full. The most I have put in at one session is 220 litres which took ages. I kept looking underneath to see if it was leaking out somewhere as i couldnt believe it held that much.

We are now camping at the Marina in Port Renfrew which is really remote and a bit rough and ready. Still they only charge $10 a night and someone gave me 2 crabs, which I cooked and ate myself, as none of the others would try it.
They sell petrol here but dont have any right now. If the delivery doesnt arrive in the morning Im going to have to buy Marine gas which isnt strictly legal, and has a dye in it to allow it to be identified like the agricultural diesel in the UK.

Rather than retrace our steps we are going to attempt our first stretch of logging road tomorrow. Approximately 80 km of gravel road to civilisation, which might shake the RV to pieces. Tallyho !

We just saw a baby sea otter on the floating deck in front of where we are camped.
So far today we have seen 1. a black bear , the first of this trip. 2. Otters. 3. seals. 4. Herons. 5. Eagles fighting with seagulls over a piece of fish ( seagulls won !) 6. crabs which I ate 7. A 50 lb Halibut brought in by one of the fishermen. He filletted it on the dockside and gave the carcass to a mate to use for crab bate.

The crab we caught


Barney caught this one using the homemade crab line that uses a nut for a weight and a spring clip to hold the bait which was a chicken leg.

Later we caught 4 in one haul and they scurried about the dock. They were big enough to eat but we dont know how to cook them.

We also caught a sun star which was the size of a large plate but it got away just as we got it out of the water. – click here for a picture of a sun star which is like a star fish but has more legs and is BIGGER.

At one point I was pulling in the line to see what we had and a seal swam under the floating dock about 2 feet below the surface, right under my feet, which gave me a fright.

So much fun all day for the price of $6 including bait !


SookeThis is the most beautiful bay we have camped in so far. A lovely place and the weather is fantastic. Those mountains in the background with snow on the tops are in the US.

My homemade antenna

My homemade antennaIn Victoria, which is the best city we have visited so far, I needed a wireless connection but all the networks at the RV park were too weak. I made this antenna from a chinese wok skimmer, a bent strip of wood and a usb wifi dongle. It increases the signal by about 50% but would only work if I sat on the roof. I got loads of strange looks from the old biddies coming by, and the neighbours asked what I was up to. I told them it was part of a government program I couldnt tell them anything about it. Its Hush Hush.