So we pick the RV up later today and head for Fernie. We need to get British Columbian insurance and licence plates asap, and return the Albertan licence plates Ive borrowed.

This also means the end to the fast food survey Ive been conducting for the past week as we will be cooking in our new home.

1. A&W the home of the teen burger, 2 for $5 offer, a burger that tastes of actual beef, also the great chicken strips, made of chicken!

2. Oi Souvlaki great greek kebabs, and healthy too. Not as good as the kebabs from Kaners van outside Normandy house Basingrad, but close.

3. Tim Hortons cos the kids liked the croissants.

4. Cowboy Diner cannot remember the exact name, in Strathmore East of Calgary. We had a pizza and greek salad, just like John Wayne would have eaten on the range when herding steers.

99. McDonalds is as awful as you might expect – dont know how they survive as the competition here is stunning.

Not tried poutine yet.

The progress so far.
1. We bought the bronze coloured motorhome below for $14150, plus $150 for a mechanical safety check.
2. Then had the house part checked out for Propane safety, and had a new microwave fitted, new batteries, smoke alarm, propane regulator, some lights, water system pressure tested, generator tested, new drain tap on tanks, and had an hours education on how the thing works. total $1000.
3. Today it gets professionally cleaned for $400 and we will be set to go.

so on Monday morning we should get it back and hit the road !
The first stop is Fernie to see Ray and Amy, and to buy BC insurance which they won’t sell us in Alberta.
Ding Dang Doo!